Have an awesome summer!

Don’t forget to READ a lot!  And if you want to see the videos from the 2015-2016 school year, click on the MMS NEWS button above.  See you at the beach!

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Super Reader Awards!

The MMS Library is pleased to announce the first ever SUPER READER AWARDS!  Super Readers are students who have checked out and read the most books from our school library this year.  Each Super Reader received an award certificate and a prize packet with gifts from Jersey Mikes, Dunkin Donuts, Sundaes, QuickChek, and Jenkinson’s Aquarium. Congratulations to all of our Super Reader Award winners, enjoy your summer, and keep on reading!

End-of-the-Year Library Survey

Students who took the library survey at the beginning of the year, please complete this follow-up survey.  It is much shorter than the original survey (only 6 questions total, only 3 multiple choice questions required).  It should take you about 2-5 minutes to complete.  When you’re finished, come to the library to claim a small gift from me as a token of my appreciation.  Thanks!  Ms. P

Listen to some great FREE books!


This is really cool!  SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens. Starting May 5th 2016, SYNC will give away two complete audiobook downloads a week – pairs of high interest titles, based on weekly themes. Sign up for email or text alerts and be first to know when new titles are available to download at www.audiobooksync.com.  Take a look below to see what is available for the first five weeks.  Enlarge the picture on your screen and scan the QR code next to each book to listen to a brief clip.  You will need to add the OverDrive Media Console to your phone or mobile to listen to the books.  Happy listening!Sync 2016-may5-june8

Fall in Love with a Good Book Today!

Many ELA students are doing a fun activity in their classrooms during the period when they’re not taking the PAARC this month.  It’s called Library Book Speed Dating.  The activity consists of five rounds in which you spend a few minutes getting to know a book so you can decide which ones you would like to read. We call it speed dating because the procedure is similar to the speed dating parties they have for single adults. In each round, you sit at a table covered with books and you have one minute to select  a”date” based on first impressions (cover art, title, appearance, etc.).  Then you have two minutes to “flirt” by reading the summary on the inside cover, the back cover, or looking at a random page.  Finally, you get three minutes to read as much as you can, in most cases starting with the first page.


After each phase, students record their date’s score on a rating sheet.  When the time is up, everybody rotates to the next table of books and repeats the process.  At the conclusion of the activity, anyone wishing to continue reading a book can fill out a “Second Date Request” form and pick up their date from the library later.  In keeping with the dating metaphor, students are encouraged to focus all of their attention on their date for the full five minutes, and are not allowed to talk to other students or attempt to dump their date and pick up another one because that would be unfair and rude.  What this teaches students, aside from knowing how to thoughtfully browse for books, is that although first impressions do count, they are not to be the only criteria.  Or in other words, “do not judge a book by its cover.”

Also, when students pick up their dates, they are informed that there is a curfew (due date) of two weeks.  After the curfew, if students wish to continue seeing their dates, they should bring them in to the library to get a time extension (called renewing), or they will risk getting in trouble for having OVERDUE books (see the post below).  Book speed dating is engaging and a lot of fun for many students, and it greatly increases the likelihood of falling in love — with reading, of course!

Don’t Let This Happen to YOU!

overdueRemember that library book you checked out three months ago?  Last year?  It’s time to bring it back. Be sure to place it in the Book Return slot in the front desk.  If you leave it anywhere else, it will not get checked back in on the computer and it will look like you still have it.  Not finished with it?  That’s okay.  Just bring it back to prove that you haven’t lost it and we’ll be happy to RENEW the loan.  You’ll be given a new due date, which incidentally, is written on the pocket inside the back of the book.  If you’re not sure what book(s) you have checked out or if they’re OVERDUE, you can log on to Destiny to find out.  Or just come into the library and ask.  There are no overdue charges (like at the public library) until the end of the year, but you will make your librarian very happy if you bring any items back now, so that she won’t have to send you a notice in your homeroom, or worse, a letter to your house!  If you cannot find the book, you will need to come into the library to find out how much you owe and pay for it before the end-of-the-year deadline.  After that deadline passes, you will be charged a LATE FEE – $2.50 for every book not yet returned or paid for.  The late fee is not refundable.  So don’t let this tragedy happen to you.  In fact, don’t even let an overdue notice catch up with you.  Who needs that kind of pressure hanging over your head? Return or renew your overdue items now!  :)

It’s Read Across America Week!

RAA Cat n Hat Logo_Feb 2014Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, was born on March 2, 1904. NEA’s Read Across America Day is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually on March 2—Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Across the country, thousands of schools, libraries, and community centers participate by bringing together kids, teens, and books, and you can too! All this week, in your English Language Arts classes, you will have a chance to see your teachers and peers talking about the books they’ve enjoyed reading.  Our video booktalks are a regular feature on MMS News episodes, so if you would like to be a booktalker, see Ms. Piscione in the library to make arrangements to record your booktalk. To help you develop your talk, check out our Book Recommendation Form.

HELP WANTED: Booktalkers and Reviewers – No Experience Necessary


Immediate openings. Good working conditions and great benefits await you as an MMS Library Booktalker or Reviewer.  Booktalkers select a book they want to share with their peers and do a “show and tell” presentation on camera for a segment on an upcoming MMS News episode.  A booktalk consists of a brief summary of what the book is about and the booktalker’s opinions on the story, characters, writing style, or anything else that is relevant.  The average booktalk is 30 seconds to a minute in length.  Compensation for booktalks can be any combination of Panther Paws, special gifts, possible extra credit from a teacher, and the fame and influence of being a TV news personality.

Book reviewers select a book from the library’s catalog (Destiny) that they have read, give it a star rating (one to five stars) and write a brief review of the book.  The content of the review would be similar to that of a booktalk — but since the catalog already gives a summary, the review can just be a few sentences about what the reviewer liked or didn’t like about the book.  Once submitted, the review must be approved before it gets published live.  The reviewer has to be logged in to Destiny in order to submit it, but only that person’s first name and last initial are published.  All reviews will earn at least one Panther Paw and possibly other bonus rewards.  Only reviews of books that have actually been read in their entirety by the reviewer can be submitted.

See Ms. Piscione in the library for more information or to apply for one of these highly acclaimed positions.

Make a date with Destiny today!

eBooks are coming!  Some are already here.  Are you ready?  Many of our ebooks will require you to log in to Follett Destiny or Destiny Quest (our online library catalog) in order to check them out.  You will also need a Destiny account to rate and review the books you have read. You can earn a Panther Paw for every review you submit!


Students, you can create your individual login with Destiny by putting in your last name and student ID number on the Create Account screen.  (Look on top right corner of the screen for the button to get you there.)  Most 7th and 8th graders already have accounts from last year.  If you don’t remember your login, please see Ms. Piscione in the Library.

Library Website Year in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,500 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.