Don’t Let This Happen to YOU!

overdueRemember that library book you checked out three months ago?  Last year?  It’s time to bring it back. Be sure to place it in the Book Return slot in the front desk.  If you leave it anywhere else, it will not get checked back in on the computer and it will look like you still have it.  Not finished with it?  That’s okay.  Just bring it back to prove that you haven’t lost it and we’ll be happy to RENEW the loan.  You’ll be given a new due date, which incidentally, is written on the pocket inside the back of the book.  If you’re not sure what book(s) you have checked out or if they’re OVERDUE, you can log on to Destiny to find out.  Or just come into the library and ask.  There are no overdue charges (like at the public library) until the end of the year, but you will make your librarian very happy if you bring any items back now, so that she won’t have to send you a notice in your homeroom, or worse, a letter to your house!  If you cannot find the book, you will need to come into the library to find out how much you owe and pay for it before the end-of-the-year deadline.  After that deadline passes, you will be charged a LATE FEE – $2.50 for every book not yet returned or paid for.  The late fee is not refundable.  So don’t let this tragedy happen to you.  In fact, don’t even let an overdue notice catch up with you.  Who needs that kind of pressure hanging over your head? Return or renew your overdue items now!  🙂


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I am a middle school librarian in Point Pleasant, NJ.

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